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Internet Computer is worth £10bn – what is the new cryptocurrency and is it better than Bitcoin?

May 2021 by The Telegraph

The Internet Computer (ICP) – From Nowhere To The Top

May 2021 by Daily Coin

This new cryptocurrency has people buzzing — its market value is at $35 billion in just 3 days

May 2021 by CNBC

Overnight Crypto Sensation Sets Out to Undo Internet’s Failings

May 2021 by Bloomberg

Money Stuff: The Hertz Gamblers Were Right

May 2021 by Bloomberg

What is the Internet Computer? A guide to the latest buzzy cryptocurrency

May 2021 by https://fortune.com/2021/05/12/what-is-internet-computer-cryptocurrency-digital-currency/

Cryptocurrencies Are Gaining Momentum With New Launches

May 2021 by Nasdaq

Bitcoin, Ether, Internet Computer: Making Sense of Cryptocurrency

May 2021 by Bloomberg

Internet Computer: Fast-Rising Crypto Challenging Amazon and Microsoft

May 2021 by FxEmpire

Internet Computer is already one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $45 billion - just two days after launching

May 2021 by Business Insider

Cryptocurrency’s value surges to $45 billion one day after its debut

May 2021 by Fortune

Internet Computer Works Differently Than Any Other Blockchain

May 2021 by Bloomberg

Crypto start-up Dfinity set to launch blockchain rival to AWS

May 2021 by Financial Times

DFINITY Foundation launches its blockchain-powered ‘Internet Computer’

May 2021 by CryptoNinjas

Swiss non-profit turns public internet into decentralized global computer

May 2021 by Techradar

Dfinity Launches Uber-Ambitious ‘The Internet Computer’ After 5 Years of Development

May 2021 by Coindesk

Get Set For ‘a Wild Ride’: Dfinity’s Dom Williams on the Launch of The Internet Computer

May 2021 by Decrypt

Dfinity is finally launching its 'Internet Computer'

May 2021 by The Block

Crypto startup Dfinity takes on Ethereum with launch of Internet Computer

May 2021 by Mashable

Dfinity’s ICP Token to Launch With A Coinbase Pro Listing

May 2021 by Decrypt

Dfinity Finally Launches ‘Internet Computer’ after 5 Years of Development

May 2021 by Coinspeaker

VCs have billions of dollars ready to pour into crypto and open internet startups

May 2021 by Business Insider

A starting point for European blockchain hope Dfinity

January 2021 by FinanceFWD (German)

Future of compute will be big, small, smart and way out on the edge

February 2021 by siliconANGLE

What is the “Internet Computer”? | Interview with DFINITY Founder

February 2021 by BTC-ECHO | Bitcoin News & Tutorials

How can the tech scene get out of it's bubble?

February 2021 by The Tech Briefing Express (German)

The Internet Computer aims to enable a new, secure Internet

February 2021 by Deutschlandfunk (German)

One man’s plan to build a new internet

January 2021 by Protocol

Dfinity’s $10 Billion ‘Internet Computer’ Finally Launches

January 2021 by Decrypt

Dfinity quietly launched the 'Internet Computer' mainnet last month

January 2021 by Cointelegraph

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