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Introducing the Internet Computer (Bronze) | WEF 2020 in Davos
DFINITY | Fortune Brainstorm Tech: Building the Internet Computer
How DFINITY Is Reinventing the Internet
Web Summit Centre Stage | The Internet Computer
The Company Building a Hack Proof Computer of the Future
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Announcement to Google and Amazon: How this man wants to reinvent the Internet


DFINITY Founder Williams: "We want to reinvent the Internet"

Handelsblatt (German)

Swiss crypto startup presents decentralized LinkedIn alternative

Gründerszene (German)

Davos is over…


A16z-backed DFINITY demonstrates an open version of LinkedIn

The Block

DFINITY’s ‘Internet Computer’ is almost ready to tackle corporate social media


European blockchain hope DFINITY launches LinkedUp, a decentralized LinkedIn alternative

Finance Fwd (German)

DFINITY: The Internet Computer with Dominic Williams

Software Engineering Daily

DFINITY launches an open-source platform aimed at the social networking giants


This Startup Thinks Blockchain Is The Only Thing That Can Save Social Media


Crypto startup DFINITY is proving a point with LinkedUp, an open version of LinkedIn


DFINITY is launching a decentralized LinkedIn alternative

Capital (German)

These are the seven most important findings from DLD digital

Handelsblatt (German)

The Internet is in bad shape

Handelsblatt (German)

Briton to unveil first 'open' social network in battle against big tech

The Telegraph

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