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Our mission is to develop and contribute technology that enables the Internet Computer (IC) blockchain and its ecosystem. It is powered by new "chain key cryptography" that allows it to run at web speed with efficiency that is many orders of magnitude improved, for smart contracts to serve web directly to end users, and for on-chain compute to scale without bound - allowing mass market web3 services to run entirely on-chain, and for blockchain to become an alternative to traditional IT, such as cloud services. The IC is governed and updated by the Network Nervous System (NNS), a protocol-integrated DAO that decides using liquid democracy. Supporting the mission are more than 200 world-renowned scientists and engineers specializing in cryptography, distributed systems, execution environments, language programing and more.
The DFINITY Foundation operates globally with research centers in Zurich and San Francisco as well as team members working remotely across North America, Europe and Asia.
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