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The Internet Computer is a third-gen blockchain that serves as a crypto cloud, replacing traditional IT. It allows building any Web3 service or enterprise system fully on blockchain, eliminating the need for centralized cloud computing like Amazon Web Services.

Fully On-Chain Internet Computer hackathon

Fully On-Chain with ICP

Build groundbreaking dapps leveraging ICP's unique features, introduce Layer 2 Bitcoin dapps, or revolutionize decentralized gaming.

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Build an awesome dapp on the IC. We are looking for projects that leverage the unique features of the ICP to build the next-generation web 3 apps.


Build your Layer 2 Bitcoin dapp bringing ICP’s functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Next gen web3 gaming is here and can be built on ICP. Show us how the future of decentralized gaming looks like


  • Grand Prize $5k in ICP + $25k Grant
  • Track 1 Winner $5k in ICP + $5k Grant
  • Track 2 Winner $5k in ICP + $5k Grant
  • Track 3 Winner $5k in ICP + $5k Grant
  • Additional prizes $1k in ICP each
  1. Best privacy-focused dapp
  2. Best use of 100% on-chain game proof of concept using BOOM DAO
  3. Best use of chain-key signatures


Looking to learn more about how to build on the Internet Computer? We've compiled a curated list of resources to help you get started building decentralized applications. Check out the developer pages, documentation, community resources, and the Hackathon Cheat Sheet.

Past hackathons

July 2023

BUIDL Bitcoin

Due to slow speed and high fees, bitcoin transactions are still not practical. The Internet Computer offers a solution with its native Bitcoin integration and ckBTC, a multi-chain bitcoin twin. Build payment solutions with near instant finality that give access to the Internet Computer’s growing ecosystem.

Additional Prize
October 2022

BUIDL for Web3 Hack

The #BUIDL for Web3 Hack (2022) is a hackathon designed by Lumos Metaverse and sponsored by DIFNITY to open up access to the Web3 space for #BUIDLers. Total 261 projects were submitted for the hackathon. nTagle won the Internet Computer Blue Sky track.

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Blue Sky track winner

1st place: ntagle

ntagle gives Web3 projects the ability to permanently bind token wallets & NFTs to physical objects, using NFC tags & the Internet Computer!

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July 2022

Supernova Hackathon

The Internet Computer’s inaugural global hackathon with six tracks: SocialFi, GameFi, Metaverse and NFTs, Asynchronous DeFi, Public Good / Social Impact, Blue Sky.

3741 devs competed for total 6 million prizes. 31 winners in total.

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Winner 1


Safeguard your financial privacy with zero-knowledge proofs

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Winner 2


Minecraft meets World of Warcraft, on the blockchain. Build, chat and adventure with friends, right in your browser.

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The DFINITY Developer Grant Program aims to catalyze the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem and make the Internet Computer accessible and approachable to more developers around the world by providing support to promising developers and teams.

DFINITY Developer Grant Program

By participating in our hackathon, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Good luck and have fun hacking!

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