The Internet

A public decentralized cloud designed to host the next generation of software and services.
For the first time, DFINITY protocols will combine independent data centers to create a powerful open cloud
Decentralized application platform

The Internet is the Cloud

The Internet was created by open protocols that combined thousands of independent organizations such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to create global connectivity. The Internet Computer will extend the Internet with protocols developed by DFINITY that combine independent data centers so the Internet itself can also play cloud, and provide an open platform for hosting software, services and data.

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Create And Host Software Systems In A New Way

The Internet Computer is a different kind of cloud computing platform. It is an entirely reimagined IT stack where software takes a new simpler form. The platform is formed by secure protocols rather than proprietary infrastructure and is tamperproof, and software can also be highly secure without depending on firewalls and VPNs. Software development and maintenance is simplified, systems are interoperable at the level of function calls, and autonomous software is supported, enabling the development of open internet services.

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A quickly growing world-class team across many disciplines including cryptography, distributed computing and functional programming.

Dominic Williams

President & Chief Scientist

Dominic is a crypto theoretician and entrepreneur. His recent research includes Threshold Relay and PSC chains, Validation Towers and Trees, and USCIDs, and he proposes new ideas such as "The 3 E's of Sybil Resistance". Previously he ran a venture-backed MMO game using his own distributed systems that hosted millions of users.

Timo Hanke

Chief Research Officer

Timo was once a Professor of Mathematics and Cryptography at Aachen University in Germany but got into Bitcoin. In 2013 he created AsicBoost to reduce the gate count on Bitcoin mining chips and increase the efficiency of Bitcoin mining by 20-30% that has since become a standard in large-scale mining operations.

Jan Camenisch

Head of Research, Director of Zurich Research Lab

Jan is a leading scientist and has published over 120 widely cited papers in the areas of privacy and cryptography. Previously, he spent 19 years as Principal Research Staff Member at IBM, where he co-invented Identity Mixer, a unique cryptographic protocol for authentication. He is a Fellow of IEEE and IACR and has received many awards for his work.

Timo Hanke
Chief Research Officer
Jan Camenisch
Head of Research, Director of Zurich Research Lab
Mahnush Movahedi
Senior Research Scientist
Gregory Neven
Senior Researcher
Jens Groth
Principal Researcher
Yvonne-Anne Pignolet
Senior Researcher
David Derler
Manu Drijvers

Our core R&D and Operations teams are growing fast. DFINITY has attracted some of the industry’s foremost minds to work on a completely new stack for the Cloud 3.0.

Come and join us to build the future of distributed computing!

Where to Meet Us

Joachim Breitner: Inspection Testing
Lohmann & Birkner Health Care Consulting GmbH, Berlin, DE
ZKProof Workshop 2019
Berkeley Marina, California
CxO Workshop
Zurich, Switzerland
2019 Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology
Freiraum Zug Zählerweg, Switzerland

Our Research Centers

DFINITY office in Palo Alto
Palo Alto
DFINITY office in Zurich
Research at Stanford

DFINITY currently operates offices in Palo Alto and Zurich. For open positions in both locations, please visit our Jobs page.

We support research activities. DFINITY contributes to the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research, runs a scholarship and grant program and supports other initiatives close to academia.

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