Blockchain singularity.

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What we’re building

Our mission is to develop technology that supports the next generation Internet Computer blockchain network and ecosystem. Among many firsts, the Internet Computer is the first public blockchain that can scale the capacity it provides to smart contracts without bound, allowing it to process and maintain any amount of data required. It can run smart contracts with efficiency approaching that of traditional software, while keeping costs low and predictable. It hosts smart contracts that run at web speed, and which can serve interactive web content directly to end users without intermediaries, providing for the creation of systems and services that run entirely from a blockchain. The blockchain also runs under the control of an algorithmic governance system and is self-directed.

Our Team

You will work alongside a world-class technical & research team who value out-of-the-box thinking and embrace a highly collaborative environment. We’re supportive of our engineers and researchers being active and speaking in their technical communities globally.

Our core R&D and Operations teams are growing fast. DFINITY has attracted some of the industry’s foremost minds to work on entirely new concepts in public blockchain. Led by Chief Scientist Dominic Williams, designer of Threshold Relay and PSC chains, the team also includes Timo Hanke, the creator of AsicBoost, Ben Lynn, the “L” in BLS Cryptography, and Andreas Rossberg, co-creator of WebAssembly.

Our Values

  • Computer science
  • Blockchain singularity
  • A better world
  • One relentless team

We innovate and push the boundaries of cryptography, distributed computing, virtual machine technology, protocol design, languages, and other computer science. We do not let hard problems stop us.


The DFINITY Foundation operates research centers in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Zurich. In addition, we have select team members working in remote locations across North America, Europe and Asia.


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Open Positions
Security Alert: Recently, we've seen a marked increase in phishing scams on third-party job boards — where an individual impersonating a DFINITY team member persuades job-seekers to send confidential information and/or payment. As good practice, please continue to be vigilant regarding fraudulent messages or fake accounts impersonating DFINITY employees. If you need to confirm the legitimacy of a position, please reach out to [email protected].