The Team

Our core R&D and Operations teams are growing fast. Make contact with us if you would like to work on some of the most exciting technology on the planet.

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Dominic is a crypto theoretician and entrepreneur. His recent math includes Threshold Relay and PSC chains, Validation Towers and Trees, and USCIDs, and he proposes new ideas such as "The 3 E's of Sybil Resistance". Previously he ran a venture-backed MMO game using his own distributed systems that hosted millions of users.

Dominic Williams

Chief Scientist

Timo was once a Professor of Mathematics and Cryptography at Aachen University in Germany but got into Bitcoin. In 2013 he created AsicBoost to reduce the gate count on Bitcoin mining chips and increase the efficiency of Bitcoin mining by 20-30% that has since become a standard in large-scale mining operations.

Timo Hanke

Head of Engineering

Ben Lynn is the "L" from the "BLS" cryptography applied by "Threshold Relay" to generate randomness and achieve incredible security, speed and scale in public networks. Once a Stanford PhD under Dan Boneh, Ben joined the DFINITY team after 10 years in senior engineering roles at Google. Ben writes many papers.

Ben Lynn

Senior Staff Scientist & Engineer

Andreas was previously a Staff Engineer at Google, where he co-designed the WebAssembly virtual machine, now continuing as lead editor of the language specification, and led the JavaScript language team for the Chrome V8 engine. Andreas was formerly a post doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute. He has published many papers.

Andreas Rossberg

Senior Staff Scientist & Engineer

Mahnush joined DFINITY from a postdoctoral position at Yale University working on scalable and fault-tolerant distributed algorithms for consensus and secure multi-party computation, secret sharing, and interactive communication over noisy channels. She writes many papers.

Mahnush Movahedi

Senior Researcher and Engineer

Martin is a hacker and researcher interested in building open decentralized networks. His current work for DFINITY focuses on repurposing the WASM virtual machine for blockchain computer networks. As an active and well known contributor within the Ethereum community he brings deep experience, insights and expertise.

Martin Becze

Virtual Machine Research

Paul joined DFINITY after 7 years in a Staff Research Scientist position at Intel Labs, where he architected a highly optimized Haskell compiler for x86 architecture. He received his PhD from Yale University under Dr. Paul Hudak, one of the inventors of Haskell, and served as PC member of Haskell Symposium and IFL. Paul also writes many papers.

Paul Liu

Staff Engineer

Shigeo is one of the world's most talented writers of high performance cryptography libraries. He has interests in pairing implementations, x86/x64 optimization and machine learning, and is also the publisher of several academic works. His BLS implementations for DFINITY improved earlier state-of-the-art by more than 10X.

Shigeo Mitsunari

Staff Cryptographer

Enzo is an Applied Mathematics BSc from San Diego who has built and maintained high-throughput computing infrastructures for several high-growth startups in Silicon Valley. He now spends his time writing Go, reading cryptography papers and nerding out in the land of DFINITY blockchain computer decentralization.

Enzo Haussecker

Senior Engineer

Derek graduated from Cornell with a degree in Computer Science and has worked on widely used infrastructure software including Consul, etcd, and DC/OS. Previously he led development at Pachyderm, a popular big-data analytics platform. He now builds open networks and distributed systems to serve as the foundation of the DFINITY blockchain.

Derek Chiang

Senior Engineer

Stephen is a computer scientist whose research interests include machine learning and the social implications of artificial intelligence, Hamiltonian physics, dynamical systems and programming languages. Steve was previously involved with the Pebble CC project and contributes to our algorithmic governance work.

Steve Omohundro

Senior Contributor - AI/Governance Research

Robert is a Swiss lawyer by profession who works on DFINITY research, community outreach and our Zurich operations. His research interests focus on how Proof-of-Stake protocols can separate power and wealth to increase democracy, and the interplay with Sybil resistance and other needs of decentralized networks.

Robert Lauko

Contributor - Research/Community


Tom is CEO of String Labs, a Silicon Valley investor, incubator and studio focused on open protocol crypto projects. Tom has worked in the crypto industry since 2013, relocating from Shanghai in 2012.

Tom Ding

CEO, String Labs & SV Liaison

Artia brings extensive execution experience as a serial startup entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast, and venture capitalist (where he invested in Dominic's previous company). He joins the DFINITY team with the aim of honing its operations, PR, marketing, community communications, social media and investor relations processes.

Artia Moghbel

Head of Operations

Blair joined DFINITY after 4 years as Director of Recruiting at Fastly, a leading-edge cloud platform, where he scaled the team from 30 to almost 400 team members. Over his 15+ years of experience in tech recruiting, he scaled engineering teams at Wikia, Wikimedia, Blekko, and Google. If you want to work for DFINITY, drop him a line at [email protected].

Blair Lewis

Head of Talent

Arthur joined DFINITY after implementing ConsenSys' initial content marketing strategy. He has a background in journalism, content marketing, and media production and has produced several popular blockchain-centric podcasts, most notably Beyond Bitcoin, The Ether Review, and The Third Web.

Arthur Falls

Director of Communications

Michael joins Dfinity following his previous work in Community Operations at Facebook. As an entrepreneur and alternative funding advocate, he helped support the global startup community in years prior. At Dfinity, Michael aims to advocate for a diverse community of developers, enterprises, and blockchain enthusiasts.

Michael Hunte

Director of Community Operations

A highly dynamic coordinator of projects and business development activity, Tomomi was previously at the Women's Startup Lab in Menlo Park. She is a bilingual Japanese speaker, recently graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Communications from Santa Clara University, and is passionate about and helps drive progress in the blockchain space.

Tomomi Menjo

Project Coordinator


The Decentralized and Distributed Systems (DEDIS) Group at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) has two members working full time on DFINITY at any given time.

Bryan focuses broadly on building secure decentralized systems, touching on topics including private and anonymous communication technologies, Internet architecture, and secure operating systems. He received the Jay Lepreau Best Paper Award at OSDI, and grants from NSF, DARPA, and ONR, including the NSF CAREER award.

Prof. Bryan Ford

Team Lead

Philipp completed his PhD in cryptography in 2015 at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics of the University of Passau, Germany with his thesis receiving the 2016 dissertation award of the University of Passau in the area of mathematics / computer science. He is interested in cryptography and decentralized systems. Philip writes papers.

Philipp Jovanovic

Research Scientist

Lefteris's research focuses on decentralized trust systems increasing the robustness and transparency of today’s Internet, scalable blockchain systems, bias-resistant decentralized randomness generation, secure software update dispersion and novel applications of threshold cryptography and distributed consensus. He writes papers.

Eleftherios K'-Kogias

Doctoral Researcher

Ewa is interested in generating "good" and verifiable randomness in a distributed setting, strongest-link collective authorities ("cothorities") and improving anonymous communication technologies, privacy-preserving biometric authentication schemes and anonymous, deniable authentication methods. Ewa writes papers.

Prof. Ewa Syta

Research Scientist

Stevens is postdoc researcher at DEDIS who has a particular interest in creating networks and systems that support anonymous communication. This is ambitious recent efforts in this regard are reflected in his work on the Aqua and Herd systems. He also writes papers.

Stevens Le Blond

Research Scientist

Linus works as a software engineer focused on the practical implementation of decentralized cryptographic algorithms and systems.

Linus Gasser

Software Engineer

Cristina works on distributed systems with recent projects including "Poster low-latency blockchain consensus". She also writes papers.

Cristina Basescu

Doctoral Researcher

Nicolas works as a security software engineer focused on the practical implementation of decentralized cryptographic algorithms and systems.

Nicolas Gailly

Security Software Engineer