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Note: All of these dapps are using the novel Internet Computer blockchain. Use the following projects at your own risk. As always, do your own research.


Plug Wallet, built and open sourced by Fleek, is a browser extension that allows you to access your ICP, Cycles and other tokens – as well as log into Internet Computer dapps with one click. Download it here.

100 000 users

Fleek brings decentralized web-hosting to the Internet Computer. With thousands of webpages deployed, Fleek enables anyone to deploy their content on Web3.0

1 000+ websites

DSCVR is a decentralized version of Reddit, where users are the owners. Decentralized end-to-end, built on the Internet Computer, and accessible from any browser. Try it out yourself.

40 000 users

Distrikt is a completely decentralized, community-owned professional network. Users of the platform will vote on upgrades, and no user data will ever be mined or sold. Create your account, secured by Internet Identity today.

19 000 users

The Origyn Foundation is blending luxury goods, with NFTs by providing digital verifications for physical objects. Only possible on the Internet Computer.


Decentralized messaging has been a pipe-dream for decades. With the advent of the Internet Computer, real-time messaging is now possible on a blockchain.

50 000 users
Internet Identity

Internet Identity guarantees that your data isn’t visible, tracked, or mined. The blockchain authentication system enables users to sign in to dapps on the Internet Computer and sites across the web anonymously and securely.

1 000 000+
Motoko Playground

The Motoko Playground is an IDE for developers to learn Motoko – the native language for the Internet Computer blockchain. Deploy canister smart contracts for free, directly within a browser, without needing to download an SDK or set up a wallet.

IC Rocks

IC.Rocks is a complete "block explorer" for the Internet Computer – built by the community. Tracking everything from transactions, to network upgrades, to cycles, IC.Rocks enables anyone to explore the inner-workings of the Internet Computer.

NNS Dapp

The NNS front-end dapp allows anyone to interact with the Internet Computer's Network Nervous System with a user-friendly UI. Served completely end-to-end through blockchain, this dapp allows you to manage ICP, stake neurons, participate in voting, and earn rewards.


Dank is the first Decentralized Bank built on the Internet Computer, developed by Fleek. Through a collection of Open Internet Services for users and developers, Dank makes cycles management seamless.

Toniq Labs

Toniq Labs is the creator of Entrepot NFT marketplace, Stoic Wallet, Exponent, and Rise of the Magni, Cronic NFTs and more. Try out their projects that range from NFTs to wrapped cycles to games built on, and for, the Internet Computer blockchain.


The Internet Computer community canister registry. Find, publish and extend applications and services built on the Internet Computer. Log in with Internet Identity.


Agryo is the global risk intelligence provider that enables financial institutions to assess and manage financial risks in the crop field level for underwriting agriculture insurance, loans, and trade finance globally; as well as meet sustainability goals.


Sudograph is a GraphQL database for the Internet Computer. Its goal is to become the simplest way to develop applications for the IC by providing flexibility and out-of-the-box data management.

ICMoji Origins

ICMoji Origins is an NFT-based multiplayer game built end-to-end on-chain on the Internet Computer. The winner of the DSCVR Hackathon Season 2 features one of the first NFTs on the Internet Computer, ICMojis. These NFTs can be won in weekly challenges, purchased, or traded via marketplace and brought into the decentralized game with their unique attributes. Play now for free!

Winner DSCVR Hackathon
Texas Hold'em

IC Texas Hold'em is a dapp hosted completely on-chain on the Internet Computer. 2nd place winner of the DSCVR Hackathon Season 2 – play against real people across the globe live and challenge them to the classic game of Texas Holdem Poker. Mint GFT (a game token built on the Internet Computer) and use it to play cards instantly from any browser, also send messages and authenticate with Internet Identity or Stoic Wallet.

2nd Place DSCVR Hackathon
Mission Is Possible

Mission is Possible – 3rd place winner of the DSCVR Hackathon Season 2 – is a PVP third person shooter hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain. The John Wick inspired game is built using the Unity 3D Game Engine, and hosted on the IC enabling decentralized login with Internet Identity.

3rd Place DSCVR Hackathon

Reversi is one of the first canister smart contracts deployed to the Internet Computer and is a completely decentralized multiplayer game. Play against a friend (or foe) in real-time, from any browser, anywhere in the world.

DFINITY Explorer

DFINITY Explorer, a project started in 2018, is an open-source, community-built dashboard and explorer for the Internet Computer, providing live information and statistics about the network, governance, and the ICP utility token, including account and transaction information.

NNS Calculator

The Network Nervous System Calculator is a calculator that allows anyone to edit variables and estimate voting rewards based on number of proposals voted on, length of stake, accumulated maturity, and more.

Stoic Wallet

Stoic Wallet by Toniq Labs allows anyone to create a digital wallet, authenticating users through a variety of methods, one of those being Internet Identity. Create accounts, keep an address book, and more.


ICME is a no-code tool that makes it easy for anyone to build and deploy beautiful websites on the Internet Computer. Launch your blog or business's website on the Internet Computer today.

Saga Tarot

Have your fortune told on the Internet Computer. Saga Tarot gives you a tarot reading in one click. The user-friendly dapp is built completely on the Internet Computer, accessible from any browser. What will the future hold for you?

IC Drive

A decentralized private file storage dapp built on the Internet Computer. Store and securely share any type from anywhere in the world with this decentralized version of Box, or Google Drive.


An open source web editor for presentations built completely on-chain. This dapp is like a decentralized version of Google Slides built on the Internet Computer.


Aedile brings your team’s work together in one shared space, completely built on-chain. Manage your boards, columns & cards to transform your projects, serving web experiences directly from the Internet Computer blockchain.

Rise of the Magni

Rise of the Magni, built by Toniq Labs, winner of the DSCVR hackathon for games on the Internet Computer. Buy, earn, and trade collectibles, compete in tactical battles online to earn in-game tokens, and venture through story mode to experience one of the first games built on the Internet Computer.

Welcome Into the Metaverse

Prize winner of the DSCVR hackathon for the Internet Computer – this game brings digital community into a unified virtual space. Find anecdotes from founding ecosystem members, and go through a series of quests.


HexGL is a futuristic racing game using HTML5, Javascript, WebGL and hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain in order to run instantly on your browser from anywhere in the world.


ICPunks has developed 10,000 randomly generated, unique collectible clowns, with proof of ownership stored on the Internet Computer blockchain. Created as a reference to a meme comparing the Internet Computer token (ICP) to the American hip hop duo Insane Clown Posse.


Entrepot is a decentralized NFT marketplace developed by ToniqLabs, the creators behind Rise of the Magni, Stoic Wallet, Cronic NFTs, and Exponent. Entrepot (through Exponent) provides users with tools and on-chain services to design, deploy, and manage NFTs and traditional tokens.

$3M+ in Volume
Departure Labs

Departure Labs is exploring on-chain media, web native NFTs, and developing productized open internet services for developers and consumers. Departure Labs is currently developing a non-fungible token standard that leverages the unique properties of the Internet Computer and enables builders to create entire experiences from a single contract.


A community-built neuron management solution for the Internet Computer. Multiple users can own an Axon that manages multiple neurons within the Network Nervous System, as well as delegate votes to other neurons to vote on proposals. Axon is a multi-user, multi-neuron management canister smart contract.

Earth Wallet

Earth Wallet is the self-proclaimed “Key to Web3.0." The open-source wallet allows users to participate in DeFi, Governance, and Treasury (DAO) protocols with negligible fees and faster transaction settlement than legacy wallets. Now supporting the Internet Computer.


Nuance is a Web3.0 blogging platform that is hosted on-chain end-to-end on the Internet Computer. Developed by Aikin Dapps, the alpha of the world’s first blogging platform to be hosted entirely on a blockchain has now launched. Nuance aims to bring NFTs into the world of editorial content ownership.

The Wall

The Wall is a dapp built on the Internet Computer blockchain, which blends Ethereum's MetaMask authentication with the Internet Computer's native Internet Identity blockchain authentication system. This first example of ETH x ICP allows users to leave any message on the wall for all eternity.

Uniswap Front End on the IC

Uniswap front end hosted on the Internet Computer through Fleek. Showing how traditional DeFi solutions can now be hosted completely on-chain by using the Internet Computer blockchain. Another use case of completely decentralizing a service which currently has a centralized front end.


DFinance is building open financial infrastructure on the Internet Computer. With DeFi products, swaps, unified token standards, token issuance, and token management DFinance is one of the first open and decentralized financial solutions on the Internet Computer.

NFT Village

Look up the attributes, NRI %, rarity, and other information about Internet Computer NFTs. Simply input the URL of your ICPunks and Cronics NFTs or any other NFT minted on the Internet Computer blockchain and learn all of the details that make the NFT unique.

Internet Astronauts

Internet Astronauts are a set of 10,000 limited edition, uniquely minted astronaut-themed NFTs. These end-to-end on-chain NFTs will be up for grabs to the community through the Entrepot.app marketplace. They are only possible through the Internet Computer blockchain.


ICPuppies is an NFT project hosted completely on the Internet Computer. In October, 10,000 randomly generated NFTs will be available for members of the Internet Computer community to claim through the Entrepot.app marketplace. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that support puppies.


ModClub is a decentralized moderation rewarding tool based completely on-chain. Built on the Internet Computer, ModClub rewards users for effectively moderating content. Currently in beta stages of their solution, users will be rewarded in tokens for moderating their favorite communities.


AstroX is a blockchain development group focused on building tools for the Web3.0 ecosystem. AstroX has developed a Dart agent and other tools to help support mobile application development on the Internet Computer blockchain.


crowdEats is a decentralized version of Yelp, where users are paid for giving their reviews, have verifiable reviews (certified by the Internet Computer blockchain), and allow early adopters to share in the financial success of the crowdEats platform as it continues to grow. Join the waitlist to be the first to review your favorite restaurants.

Lo-Fi Player

Lo-Fi Player is a dapp hosted on the Internet Computer that lets users listen to relaxing beats delivered by blockchain. The back-end is using machine learning to build and develop the AI produced tunes, and users can interact within the player to change the sound to their liking.

Cube Run

The classic game, "Cube Run" gets an update by having a new graphic interface and being hosted completely on-chain. The decentralized version of this game lets you keep your high-score running in your browser through persistent memory.


ICPSwap is decentralized exchange (DEX) built completely end-to-end on-chain. By building the ability for anyone to swap tokens through ICPSwap leveraging the Internet Computer blockchain as the high-speed, scalable, low-cost infrastructure makes ICPSwap a first-to-market in the growing Internet Computer DeFi ecosystem.


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