Developer Grants Program

The Developer Grants Program aims to catalyze the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem and make the Internet Computer accessible and approachable to more developers around the world by providing support to promising developers and teams.

DeAI Grant

Discover the power of AI on the Internet Computer. Apply for the DeAI grant today and take part in the AI revolution on ICP. Join us in shaping the future of blockchain and AI.

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Focus areas

  • Developer Tooling e.g. IDEs, debuggers, logging libraries
  • Infrastructure e.g. oracles, asset bridges
  • Integrations & APIs e.g. chat, email, maps
  • DApps & Open Internet Services see e.g. Requests for Startups
  • Canister Development Kits (CDKs) & Agents

Open RFPs & Bounties

More Information on Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Bounties can be found on GitHub

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Total funding available

504 grantees

  • ICPSwap

    ICPSwap, the native and earliest DEX on the IC(P) ecosystem, offering comprehensive financial and market services. Get ready to experience the most diverse token (token standard) trading, and staking pools, yield farming, Claim features, etc

  • Knowledge Token

    This project is the Immersive Education Knowledge Token project. The grant was awarded after participating in the 2023 Oxford Hackathon back in March 2023.


    Modclub will be an issuer of Internet Identity Attribute Sharing on the Internet Computer for Proof of Humanity.

  • Cubetopia

    Cubetopia is a minecraft inspired sandbox game running on the internet computer. Users own islands in the form of NFTs, which they can build on, and save the data of the changes on the internet computer blockchain.

  • Juno

    Juno is a zero-knowledge blockchain platform that equips developers with all the essential tools to create any Web3 application, making it as easy as developing serverless Web2.

  • PublicAI

    PublicAI is a data infrastructure based on Web3, dedicated to integrating web3's distributed and decentralized economic incentive mechanism with AI model training.

  • Dmail

    Your inbox, your data, your AI assistant. Stay Informed and Connected with Intelligent and Secure Messaging. Dmail Network is building an AI-powered decentralized communication infra, offering encrypted emails, consolidated notifications, and precise marketing services across multiple chains and applications, catering to users, developers, and marketers.

  • ICP integration on DappRadar

    DappRadar, is a comprehensive platform that empowers Web3 users to easily explore and discover new and trending dapps across various product categories.

  • CoreLedger TEOS

    CoreLedger has developed a powerful enterprise platform for blockchain applications so that companies of all sizes - from startups to large corporations - can bring their blockchain projects to market more quickly

  • IC-Service-Bus

    IC-Service-Bus is a Pub/Sub-based service bus, similar to Web2 service bus architectures. It provides an asynchronous communication layer between canisters, making inter-canister calls easier to manage, more scalable and less error prone.


What do you want to build for the Internet Computer?

The grants program is a non-dilutive form of financing your project. Please note however that this program is not meant to be a source of venture funding. If you are actively fundraising, consider applying to the Beacon Fund.