Achievement Unblocked is a groundbreaking new competition series that will give 100 hopeful game developers a chance of a lifetime to develop the next evolution of games on blockchain. This series will dive into our developers' lives, showcase their amazing work, and most importantly - give them the financial support to launch their game with a funding pool of $10 million dollars! Apply now to take part in the next evolution of game development.


Participating game developers will gain immediate access to a funding pool of $10 million dollars to help them conceptualize, create, and ultimately launch their games. Access to this funding will grow with each development milestone, where our esteemed panel of judges will award the best teams with larger amounts of funding.
1st Round

Top 100 Game Developers

2nd Round

Top 30 Game Developers

3rd Round

Top 10 Game Developers

Final Round

Top 3 Game Developers

Winners can also access billions from a
Community Fund
to scale their games upon completion.


Record a video telling us all about yourself and your game idea

Upload your video to YouTube and paste the link into the submission form

Fill out the submission form and click submit


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The DFINITY Foundation is a not-for-profit organization developing technology for the Internet Computer blockchain. We are headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, and have major research centers in Switzerland and California, with remote teams in places such as Germany, the UK, and US. Our team of cryptographers, computer scientists, and engineers have collectively earned nearly 100,000 academic citations. We aim to create a "blockchain singularity" in which the world's systems and services are reimagined and rebuilt using smart contracts, running entirely on an infinite public blockchain without the need for traditional IT.
The Internet Computer is the world's first public blockchain running at web speed with internet scale. Its revolutionary technology, the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), empowers entrepreneurs and developers worldwide to build dapps, DeFi, pan-industry platforms, websites, NFTs, and enterprise systems, while reimagining what is possible on the internet. The Internet Computer was developed by the DFINITY Foundation.
Achievement Unblocked is a groundbreaking new competition series that will give 100 hopeful game developers the chance of a lifetime to develop the next evolution of games on blockchain. This series will dive into the lives of these developers, showcase their amazing work, and, most importantly, give them the financial support to launch their game through a funding pool of $10 million dollars.
All applicants will be alerted as to whether or not their project has been accepted into the program by April 8. Applicants will need to pass KYC and agree to terms and conditions prior to being fully cleared for participation.
PC, Web, Mobile, and VR/Metaverse games are all eligible for the program.
Yes — the maximum number of participants that can be registered to a single team is four members. A lead applicant should fill out the application on behalf of their team. Each individual team member will need to agree to the Terms & Conditions as well as the Rules & Regulations to participate.
Although it is not required that games be developed solely using the Internet Computer, projects will be judged on how they have chosen to use it. Games must also be hosted on the Internet Computer to qualify for the grand prize. Participants may utilize other blockchain-based platforms as needed. Use of common gaming development software and tooling (e.g., Unity, Unreal Engine) is also permissible.

Developer onboarding kits will be provided to introduce participants to developing on the Internet Computer.

Additionally, the DFINITY Foundation and the Internet Computer ecosystem will be holding a number of webinars and training sessions devoted to blockchain-based game development throughout the program to assist participating developers. Additional information and schedules will be shared with accepted participants in April 2022.

There are four judging milestones within the Achievement Unblocked program. Prior to each judging milestone, participants will be prompted to submit supporting materials related to their game via a secure form for consideration by our panel of judges. For judging milestones 2-4, participants will also have the opportunity to present their work to judges either via video conference or live in studio.

Initial Intake

The Achievement Unblocked Team will be selecting the initial pool of participants based on the following:

  • Game concept & supporting elements
  • Technical viability
  • Innovation / use of blockchain & the Internet Computer
  • Story behind team & overall vision

Subsequent Rounds

The panel of judges will be tracking progress and deliberating based on the following areas:

  • Gameplay
  • Narrative
  • Sound Design
  • Music
  • Art Direction
  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Character Design
  • Animation
  • Technical Documentation and Usability
  • Use of Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Innovation/Use of Internet Computer
    • Use of smart contracts
    • Interoperability
    • Integration of NFTs
    • Integration of DeFi
    • Integration of DeSo