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239 projects

Spinner Cash

Safe guard your financial privacy with zero-knowledge proofs

Grand Champion, 1st placeAsynchronous DeFi


Minecraft meets World of Warcraft, on the blockchain. Build, chat and adventure with friends, right in your browser.

Grand Champion, 1st placeGameFi

CrowdFund NFT

Using smart contract technology to build a safer, cheaper and global crowdfunding service - with a new NFT model.

1st placePublic Good / Social Impact


A new chapter of the Internet is opening. Start by minting your avatar, then take part in the adventure and get rewarded as your explore a new wave of decentralized applications.

1st placeMetaverse and NFTs


A search engine for web3.

1st placeBlue Sky


Kontribute brings readers, writers and NFTs together. Write some lore for your NFT collection or support your favourite writer by buying their NFTs - Web 3.0 creative writing with NFTs

1st placeSocialFi


Meet CanDB, the first flexible and truly horizontally scalable NoSQL database built for the Internet Computer.

2nd placeBlue Sky


Conshax unleashes the power of web3 for podcasters by enabling token-based community interaction and new monetization opportunities. Integrating Podcasting 2.0 allows serving web2 and web3 listeners.

2nd placeSocialFi


A decentralized VR-ready metaverse, connecting people in immersive, interactive spaces.

2nd placeMetaverse and NFTs


First 100% on-chain MMORPG NFT GameWallet, NFT STAKING, Market here: Location:

2nd placeGameFi