May 7 2021 @ 10am PT | 7pm CET

May 7 2021 @ 10am PT | 7pm CET

Path to Genesis

Mercury is the last of the five milestones leading up to the public launch of the Internet Computer, when the network will spin out as part of the public internet.

On December 18, 2020, as per the Mercury milestone, the Internet Computer Alpha Mainnet launched — hosted by standardized “node machines” owned by independent data centers, and placed under the control of the Network Nervous System (NNS). The Internet Computer is now on a relatively short path to a final “Genesis” decentralization step. One part of Genesis requires that the NNS release ICP utility tokens to onboard over 50,000 voting neuron holders to participate in network governance. The completion of 15 gates is also required in order for the NNS to trigger Genesis.


May 7 2021 @ 10am PT | 7pm CET

Mercury: Genesis Launch Event

Internet Computer Beta Mainnet Launch
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18February, 20219AM PST
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Internet Computer Public Release Schedule

MercuryAlpha Mainnet
MercuryBeta Mainnet + Genesis


Risk to any one of these Gates will delay triggering Mercury Genesis
ICP Ledger

Enable wallet support + integrations with major global exchanges


Launch tools for Neuron exploration, management + voting

Cycles Wallet

Wallet for holding Cycles to power computation

DFX Tooling

Support for Mercury Genesis features in SDK

Physical Network

Continuing to onboard independent data centers and nodes

DNS Bootstrap

Ability for developers to create proprietary URLs for their Canisters

Genesis Contract

Claim ICP utility tokens and participate in network governance

Live Sample Dapps

Demonstrate how to build an end-to-end open internet service

Network Dashboard

Tool to see and interact with the Internet Computer


Cost of computation to host software on the Internet Computer

Technical Content

Educational materials explaining the code + design behind the network

Code & Designs

Public inspection of the code + design

Security Testing

Security audits successfully passed

Performance Testing

Stress tests successfully passed

Operational Readiness

Readiness to launch and support the Internet Computer

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