Our core R&D and Operations teams are growing fast. Make contact with us if you would like to work on some of the most exciting technology on the planet.
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Dominic Williams
President & Chief Scientist
Timo Hanke
Chief Research Officer
Jan Camenisch
Head of Research, Director of Zurich Research Lab
Mahnush Movahedi
Senior Research Scientist
Gregory Neven
Senior Researcher
Jens Groth
Principal Researcher
Yvonne-Anne Pignolet
Senior Researcher
David Derler
Manu Drijvers
Andrea Cerulli
Yulin Liu
Senior Economist
Robert Lauko
Research Associate


Mack McCauley
Vice President of Engineering
Ben Lynn
Senior Staff Engineer & Researcher
Andreas Rossberg
Senior Staff Engineer & Researcher
Judy Piper
Director of Engineering
Chris Baldwin
Director of Compute Infrastructure
Maria Dubovitskaya
Engineering Manager
Stanley Jones
Engineering Manager - SDK & API
Claudio Russo
Senior Engineer & Researcher
John Wiegley
Senior Engineer & Researcher
Joachim Breitner
Senior Engineer & Researcher
Paul Liu
Staff Engineer
Hassen Saidi
Senior Software Engineer
Allen Clement
Senior Engineer & Researcher
Matthew Hammer
Engineer & Researcher
Johan Granström
Principal Software Engineer
Shigeo Mitsunari
Staff Cryptographer
Enzo Haussecker
Senior Engineer
Norton Wang
Software Engineer
Ximin Luo
Software Engineer
Maciej Woś
Software Engineer
Paul Young
Software Engineer
Eftychios Theodorakis
Software Engineer
Armando Ramirez
Software Engineer
Remy Goldschmidt
Software Engineer
Gabor Greif
Software Engineer
Nikola Knežević
Software Engineer
Bas van Dijk
Software Engineer
Max Murphy
Software Engineer
Christian Müller
Software Engineer
Yan Chen
Software Engineer


Artia Moghbel
Chief Operating Officer
Gian Bochsler
Foundation Council Member & Swiss Operations
Blair Lewis
Head of Talent
Michael Lee
VP of Communications
Diego Prats
Growth Engineering Manager
Jennifer Ok
Head of Partnerships
Tom Ding
String Labs & Strategic Advisor
Josh Drake
Director of Workplaces
Ryan Newman
Director of Recruiting
Shadia Damra
Director of Finance
Michael Hunte
Director of Community Operations
Edouard Planchat
Swiss Operations & Administration
Mark Rafferty
Technical Recruiter
Bryan Fail
Technical Recruiter
Elizabeth Yang
Operations Manager
Tho Nguyen
Recruiting Operations Manager
Claire Hinton
HR Operations Specialist
Tomomi Menjo
Office Manager
Johanna Hoby
Operations Manager
Alex Hong
IT Support Specialist
Sharon Choe
Executive Assistant
Jelena Djuric
Community Manager
Caroline Bevan
Recruiting Coordinator

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