Internet Computer Roadmap

The DFINITY Foundation’s contributions to the Internet Computer roadmap are subject to community discussion and voting.

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The DFINITY Foundation is committing R&D resources to the Internet Computer ecosystem in the form of the following proposed technical contributions. At each stage of their lifecycle, these roadmap items will be voted on via proposals to the NNS, where neuron holders will have the ability to direct the Foundation’s effort in making the Internet Computer more efficient, faster, and easier to use for developers.

2019 Q4CopperSDK & Motoko
2020 Q1BronzeDemo Network
2020 Q2TungstenDeveloper Network
2020 Q3SodiumNNS & Economics
2021 Q2MercuryGenesis Launch
Completed: Mid Q1TitaniumDeFi
Current: June 2022ChromiumSatoshi Release
Mid Q3 2022CarbonService Nervous System
VanadiumVitalik Release
IridiumMulti-Chain Integration
FuturiumPost-Quantum Cryptography

Chromium Overview

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Nodes Can be Reassigned to a Different Subnet


Security Sandboxing

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Motion proposal

Bitcoin Integration to Enable Bitcoin Smart Contracts

See Proposed Changes
Motion proposal

Threshold ECDSA Signing

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ETA: MAY 2022
Motion proposal

ICOS Boundary Nodes

See Proposed Changes

Simple APIs for Ledger Transactions

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Motion proposal

Adding NP role to NNS Frontend Dapp

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Motion proposal

Enable HTTP Requests from Canisters

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Motion proposal

Network Performance with Larger Network: State Sync, Certification, and XNet

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NNS Managed Node Provider Remuneration

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Motion proposal

Open Governance for Internet Services

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NNS FE dapp re-write

See NNS FE Dapp

Community Consideration

The DFINITY Foundation is opening up its roadmap to community discussion and vote. Based on community feedback, the Foundation will submit a proposal to the NNS for items to be added to the DFINITY Foundation’s future R&D contributions towards the Internet Computer roadmap.

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Non Fungible Token (NFT) Standard

The Internet Computer does not have an official NFT standard. It is up to the Internet Computer community to discuss and propose a preferred NFT standard.

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Fungible Token Standard

The Internet Computer does not have an official Token standard. It is up to the Internet Computer community to discuss and propose a preferred Token standard.

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Tokenomics Proposal

The Internet Computer tokenomics can be updated via proposals to the NNS. Calling the community to review and discuss updates to the network’s tokenomics.

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Endorphin is a free and open crypto OS for smartphones and other end-user devices. The vision of Endorphin will allow the vast majority of dapps to be built using a combination of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, media, and WebAssembly — just like websites. As a result, end users will access apps and dapps via traditional URLs, opposed to propritary app stores. Calling the community to discuss.

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Badlands is a concept that involves applying Internet Computer technology to create a new network supported by amateur node providers, using low cost devices, that creates the maximum possible level of decentralization and censorship resistance for smart contracts. It will act as an extension of the Internet Computer, and be fully interoperable, but have different properties. Calling the community to discuss.

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Inter-Canister Query Calls

One of the most important features of the Internet Computer for developers is the ability to build, deploy, and call shared functions in one canister smart contract from a program in another canister smart contract. This capability to make calls between canisters – referred to as inter-canister calls – enables you to reuse and share functionality in multiple applications. Based on community suggestion the Foundation is adding Inter-Canister Query Calls to it's proposed roadmap.

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Community Suggestion

What isn’t here that you'd like to see the DFINITY Foundation prioritize for the Internet Computer?


Completed Roadmap Items

The DFINITY Foundation open-sourced and launched the Internet Computer on May 10, 2021. List of major innovations developed by the Foundation:

Launched the mainnet and open-sourced the code for the Internet Computer on May 10 2021

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Want to Contribute?

The DFINITY Foundation employs over 200 of the world’s top cryptographers, engineers, and programming language and operations experts, but there is always more work to do. Join the ever-growing community of developers and entrepreneurs building on the Internet Computer.

Apply for Grant

Plug Wallet, built and open sourced by Fleek, is a browser extension that allows you to access your ICP, Cycles and other tokens – as well as log into Internet Computer dapps with one click. Download it here.

100 000 users

Fleek brings decentralized web-hosting to the Internet Computer. With thousands of webpages deployed, Fleek enables anyone to deploy their content on Web3.0

1 000+ websites

DSCVR is a decentralized version of Reddit, where users are the owners. Decentralized end-to-end, built on the Internet Computer, and accessible from any browser. Try it out yourself.

40 000 users

Distrikt is a completely decentralized, community-owned professional network. Users of the platform will vote on upgrades, and no user data will ever be mined or sold. Create your account, secured by Internet Identity today.

70 000 users

The Origyn Foundation is blending luxury goods, with NFTs by providing digital verifications for physical objects. Only possible on the Internet Computer.


Decentralized messaging has been a pipe-dream for decades. With the advent of the Internet Computer, real-time messaging is now possible on a blockchain.

50 000 users
Internet Identity

Internet Identity guarantees that your data isn’t visible, tracked, or mined. The blockchain authentication system enables users to sign in to dapps on the Internet Computer and sites across the web anonymously and securely.

1 000 000+
Motoko Playground

The Motoko Playground is an IDE for developers to learn Motoko – the native language for the Internet Computer blockchain. Deploy canister smart contracts for free, directly within a browser, without needing to download an SDK or set up a wallet.

NNS Front-End Dapp

The NNS front-end dapp allows anyone to interact with the Internet Computer's Network Nervous System with a user-friendly UI. Served completely end-to-end through blockchain, this dapp allows you to manage ICP, stake neurons, participate in voting, and earn rewards.


Dank is the first Decentralized Bank built on the Internet Computer, developed by Fleek. Through a collection of Open Internet Services for users and developers, Dank makes cycles management seamless.

Toniq Labs

Toniq Labs is the creator of Entrepot NFT marketplace, Stoic Wallet, Exponent, and Rise of the Magni, Cronic NFTs and more. Try out their projects that range from NFTs to wrapped cycles to games built on, and for, the Internet Computer blockchain.

Infinity Swap

InfinitySwap is a platform to create, stake, and swap tokens on the Internet Computer. Backed by Polychain Capital and 9YardsCapital (amongst others) –– InfinitySwap offers users the ability to swap tokens cheaply with their novel technology build on the ICP blockchain. They are also planning to release their own token standard IS20 to support these initiatives.

$1.5M Invested PolyChain Capital + a16z

The Internet Computer community canister registry. Find, publish and extend applications and services built on the Internet Computer. Log in with Internet Identity.


Sudograph is a GraphQL database for the Internet Computer. Its goal is to become the simplest way to develop applications for the IC by providing flexibility and out-of-the-box data management.

ICMoji Origins

ICMoji Origins is an NFT-based multiplayer game built end-to-end on-chain on the Internet Computer. The winner of the DSCVR Hackathon Season 2 features one of the first NFTs on the Internet Computer, ICMojis. These NFTs can be won in weekly challenges, purchased, or traded via marketplace and brought into the decentralized game with their unique attributes. Play now for free!

Winner DSCVR Hackathon
Developer Showcase

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