An advanced, tailored, intensive program run by the DFINITY Foundation, dedicated to the most promising teams and individuals building on the Internet Computer blockchain.

ICP.Lab provides participants the incredible opportunity to be hosted at the DFINITY Foundation’s headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland - the largest blockchain R&D center in the region.


Direct access to the knowledge and expertise of the incredible people working at the DFINITY Foundation,
On-site guidance to review the project’s progress and develop next steps,
Tailored coaching and workshops, delivered by DFINITY's engineers, researchers, cryptographers, developers, and managers.
Networking opportunities and office workspace



Teams and individuals apply online


The ICP.Lab Committee, composed of experienced members of the DFINITY Foundation, runs the applications’ check-up and provide feedback to the applicants within 30 days.


Pre-selected teams are invited for a 45-minutes online interview. The applicants are asked to present the project to the ICP.Lab Committee, including a technical review, product-market fit, milestones & roadmap.


Selected participants are then invited for a follow-up call with the ICP.Lab Committee, to finalize the program’s details, the coaching sessions, the workshops, and the dates.


Kickoff in Zurich


Coaching & Workshops

DFINITY’s team members craft and deliver to you in-depth coaching sessions and workshops across different areas of expertise, such as: R&D, Growth, Finance, Operations, and other fundamental aspects of the business.

Networking & Office Space

All activities take place at the DFINITY Foundation’s headquarters, an incredible modern building in the heart of Zürich, home to regular team events, and meetings with partners, investors, and community members, where you create life-changing connections.

Exposure & Growth

You have the chance to present your project to all DFINITY team members at some of the most important internal meetings. We lead you out of your comfort zone, so to provide honest and brutal feedback that will steer your project into the next phase.

ICP.Lab welcomes teams and individuals currently building on the Internet Computer Protocol blockchain.


Who can apply?

Teams and individuals currently building on the Internet Computer blockchain.

Is there any fee associated with the program?

No, the program is designed to support IC projects take the next big leap, and it is sponsored by DFINITY Foundation.

What happens after the application is submitted?

The ICP.Lab Committee, composed of experienced members of the DFINITY Foundation, will evaluate your application and provide a feedback within 30 days.