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Beacon is an investment fund focused on sourcing, evaluating, and supporting world-class applications and services built on emerging decentralized technologies, primarily focused on DFINITY.
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Key Areas of Focus

Visualization of developer tools
Developer Tools
We want to make it as easy as possible to build, test, deploy, monitor apps on DFINITY.
Visualization of dapp user experiences
Dapp User Experiences
The consumer experience of dapps is still in the early stages and it is as important, if not more, as the developer experience.
Visualization of verifiable and fair applications
Verifiable and Fair Applications
Our Random Beacon can be leveraged to produce randomness third parties can trust. Randomness can have many applications from games to machine learning to governance.
Visualization of crypto-native saas
Crypto-Native SaaS
We believe there are software products that can only exist in a decentralized compute platform.
Visualization of open finance infrastructure
Open Finance Infrastructure
Launching successful financial products like lending, saving, investing, or money transfers without a central authority.
Visualization of decentralized governance
Decentralized Governance
At its core, blockchain technology enables people to assemble, coordinate, and build in new ways. We want to support projects built using new on-chain governance models.

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