Internet Computer for Enterprises

A new technology stack protects your company and unlocks a new breed of software to redefine industries.

Today’s legacy IT stack costs enterprises $3.9 trillion dollars annually — despite the high costs, legacy tech is too complex to make secure and lacks the necessary agility to seize market opportunities. A single insecure component, a misconfiguration, a bad line of code, and hackers can get in. Or managing the complexity of non-value added IT complexities relegates teams to focusing on all the wrong things, opposed to focusing on creating create products and customer experiences.

Worldwide annual IT stack spending is projected to total $3.9 trillion in 2020

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It can happen to you

Every year multiple large companies, non-profits, and government organizations around the fall victim to cyberattacks. The current technology stack does nothing to protect your company against such attacks, and despite having massive IT security teams, data breaches still happen.

350 million (2018)

143 million (2017)

143 million (2017)

143 million (2017)

143 million (2017)

76 million (2014)

76 million (2014)

3 billion (2013)

110 million (2013)

22 million (2012)

77 million (2011)

40 million (2011)

Systems are insecure by default

News stories like these are nothing new. Nearly every month a new company becomes the victim of cyber attacks. The current internet infrastructure makes it too easy for bad actors to hold us digitally hostage.

Spend more time creating great products

Looking at the top Fortune 100, 85% of their IT costs are spent on operations. Of that, 90% is spent addressing IT security issues that are the result of a legacy internet stack.

  • 7%

    Software Licensing

  • 8%

    Hosting System in the Cloud

  • 10%

    Creating business logic, data models, and UX

  • 75%

    Addressing the complexity of making it work

Source: CIO Magazine: annual IT spend ~4-6% of total revenue

Big tech monopolies have become an existential platform risk

We primarily rely on Amazon Web Services to deliver our offerings to users on our platform, and any disruption of or interference with our use of AWS could adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.

The next shift in IT promises to deliver tremendous value to developers and enterprises

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The mainframe

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PC, client server

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The internet

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Cloud, mobile, social

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The internet computer

Reimagined software removes the need for complexity-generating standalone software components such as database servers. Designers and enterprises will no longer need: proprietary cloud services, databases, firewalls, servers, middleware, CDNs, web servers, application servers, or server anti-virus software.

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The Internet Computer stack is a new paradigm that capitalizes on modern advances in computer science and cryptography

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Autonomous Software

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Security by default

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Reducing complexity

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Freeing captive customers

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